Clinic Profile

In the age of technology we live in, the serious transformation in the health sector, as in all other sectors, makes it increasingly common that all transactions must be done over the internet. The online communication opportunity and personalized services in the new structure based on the transparency of other patients’ experience and opinions, clinical experience, information and services take clinics one step ahead in the digital world. Acting with this awareness, aims to provide maximum benefit with the site we have prepared in accordance with your needs.

Featured Clinics

As time goes by, your clinic may fall at the back of the search lists as new clinics become available. You can get the Featured Pack for your clinic’s call lists to stay at the top of the Advanced Sort option, priority listing and more viewing.

Clinic Panel

You will be able to view all the form details and comments on the panel that we will open for you. In this way, all data will be private to you.